Playlist: Snapped Ankles

Snapped Ankles

East London’s Snapped Ankles first stumbled out of their local warehouse scene back in 2011, ready to roll with a proggy/krauty/post-punk manifesto that lurched from droll to downright weird.

Six years on and they’re prepping the release of their debut LP Come Play the Trees on 29 September, a set which promises synth-drum mayhem and lyrical obscurity from deep within the urban forest.

Preferring to dress us up as knarly old trees for their live performances has certainly won them a few plaudits, with props coming in from world-psych masters Flamingods and lauded bookers Baba Yaga’s Hut.

We recently cornered the foursome for a playlist, and quickly learned they’ve got impeccable taste. Get a load of this…

David Byrne – In the Future
In the future “David Byrne” will become a verb for creative excellence, Brompton cycling and coolness all at the same time.

Ramasandiran Somusundaram – Electronic Heart
In the past electronic synthesis was feared to be taking over the human condition unless you had a really long name.

Amnesia Scanner – AS Crust
In the future all digital learning courses will be spoken to a pulsing Berlin techno backing track.

Craig Leon – She Wears A Hemispherical Skullcap
In the past artists like Craig Leon imagined what alien/lost civilisations would do if they found an Eventide H3000 in the rubble of human detritus.

Colder – Crazy love
In the future this song will be a wedding set standard.

Africans With Mainframes – Vibrations From The Serengeti II
In the past real Africans didn’t really have mainframes … but now they do and they are gonna use them in a totally cool and surprisingly inventive ways that we in Brexit Britain can only stand back and gasp.

Golden Teacher – Maladroit
In the future Glasgow’s dance music will eclipse Manchester’s 30-40 year crown. It’s not a competition but Golden Teacher could win a dance off with any of the greats … maybe.

Conny Plank/Dueka/Mani Neumeier/Moebius – Recall
In the past artists like Deiter Moebius imagined what alien/lost civilisations would do if they found some Africans with mainframes then got Mani Neumeier to bash drums rather than the easier route of employing a shiny new drum machine … for the better we think.

MJ Cole – Volcano Riddim
In the future MJ Cole will make a volcano dance.

Blurt – Machua Machina
In the past the present and future Blurt will be the preacher to lead us from damnation.

Palais Schaumberg – Morgen Wird der Wald Gefegt [unavailable on Spotify so we picked Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt]
In the future Holger Hiller will be giving online skype lessons on how to write the perfect post punk ditty..

Wall of Voodoo – Ring of Fire
In the past there were no rules to cover versions if your drummer left the room for five minutes.

Crash Course In Science – Cardboard Lamb
In the future the past is made of cardboard.

XEX – Kitty
In the past people were nasty to kittens. Now they are nicer, mainly due to the internet. Cue our song I Want My Minutes Back.

Photo credit – Kasia Wozniak

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