Video premiere: Gross Net – Of Late Capitalism

As electronic experimental artist Gross Net prepares for the release of his second record, Gross Net Means Gross Net, M has an exclusive premiere of one of the album tracks.

Originally conceived as a duo by Girls Names’ ex-guitarist Philip Quinn and Christian Donaghey (Autumns) in 2014, Gross Net has subsequently become Quinn’s solo pursuit.

Gross Net’s techno-driven debut album Quantitative Easing appeared in 2015 and following Girls Names’ disbandment earlier this year Quinn is now set to release its follow up.

Fuelled by political upheaval in the UK and US, the refugee crisis and the consequences of present-day capitalism, Quinn has taken Gross Net’s sound into dystopian territories.

Gross Net Means Gross Net will be released via Felte Records on 30 August, but before that get a taste of what’s in store via the latest single, Of Late Capitalism.

Philip Quinn says: ‘The original idea was to overlay this footage we shot with news footage of poverty/war/refugees/deforestation etc to contrast the cost of all this musical equipment with instances where that money could’ve been better directed but I couldn’t find anything for free use online.

‘I have this recurring, waking nightmare that by not giving more money to good causes that I’m not only part of the problem but passively starving people or denying them emergency health care etc, yet I’ve still spent my money selfishly.

‘Aside from that, I thought it’d be interesting to tot up the cost of various (by no means all!) pieces of my musical equipment as a comment on the value of music versus the artist’s costs in making it. Quite frankly, I was horrified by the end! Maybe I’ll just record acapella on a borrowed 4 track tape next time.’

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