In session: Golden Teacher

Golden Teacher

Party-starting six-piece Golden Teacher are well versed in the rules of the dancefloor – and how to break them.

Hailing from Glasgow, they grew up on a diet of cutting edge club nights within a close-knit ecosystem helmed by the Optimo duo.

Now signed to the Optimo label – having pricked the ears of JD Twitch with their hedonistic live shows – Golden Teacher have committed their expansive sound to vinyl in a series of bone-rattling releases.

Throwing off the shackles of computer-generated electronic presets and automated syncopation, theirs is an idiosyncratic groove that takes in flavours of Arthur Russell, recent collaborator Dennis Bovell and the earthy techno of Voices from the Lake.

With no rules or restrictions, they’re as at home with the polyrhythms of Ghana as they are the gritty electronic beats of their native Glasgow. Masters of improvisation, they play completely live and outside the box, tapping into the crowd’s primal urge to dance.

We were lucky enough to catch them live at their recent Birthdays gig in London and instantly fell for their hypnotic groove. Watch them warming up at soundcheck…

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