In session: IDLES

Idles - live at PRS Presents

‘A little bit more Mick Hucknall for me please’ isn’t the sort of vocal request you’d expect to hear from a punk band at a gig, but then this is IDLES: unpredictable, brash and tongue always firmly-in-cheek.

The Bristolian agitators more than brought the mayhem to PRS for Music’s Streatham offices in late September, where they eyeballed whiskey shots, scaled tables and generally tore the place to shreds with their ferocious set: all in the name of the society’s PRS for Music Presents night.

The band have had a big year, unleashing their long-awaited debut album Brutalism in March to critical acclaim, before packing in festivals galore and picking up a support slot on the Foo Fighters one-off gig at The O2 in London.

We were at the Streatham gig to document the action in all its riotous, anarchic splendour – check out the band’s performance of Mother here…

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