M meets… Mikill Pane part one

Mikill Pane (pronounced Mike-ill, by the way) is an east London-based rapper who got into making music through a love of wordplay with the English language and poetry slams.

As well as his own series of EPs whose musical backdrops include everything from lo-fi hip-hop to euphoric dance, Mister Pane is perhaps best known for his stand-out verses on his friend Ed Sheeran’s Little Lady from the No.5 Collaborations EP.

As well as recording with Sheeran, Mikill has toured extensively with the A Team star as well as US rapper Mac Miller.

The Morris Dancer EP – Mikill’s seventh – produced by Alex Morris and featuring Little Bear and Yoshee from Ursa Minor (Little Bear) is out now. Debut album Blame Miss Barclay is due out later in 2012.


Watch Mikill Pane performing Cut Back FFWD with Little Bear from The Morris Dancer EP.

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