In session: Mo Kolours

Mo Kolours

Anglo-Mauritian pop-experimentalist Mo Kolours is famed for his otherworldly productions and dubbed-out vocal hallucinations.

Through a painstaking commitment to beat-making, Joe ‘Mo Kolours’ Deenmamode builds spacious structures on which to peg his airy melodies, reverb-heavy percussion and arresting samples.

Like a British version of US dub revivalist Sun Araw, Joe is big on collaborations and equally devoted to enhancing the loose live element of his sound.

So far, his output has been limited to a string of Bandcamp releases and a triptych of EPs for One Handed Music which have explored the rhythmic possibilities of soul, dub, hip-hop and the Sega music of his father’s homeland.

We caught up with him at Liverpool Psych Fest to learn how he puts his music together and while we were there we recorded him perform his track News. Watch it here:

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